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"One Day" . . . 

Eight encouraging video messages.

Creative projects.

Acknowledge your heart.

Discover deeper faith.

Find your courage.

Stop waiting.

Rise. Take action.

a creative online class all about finding your courage to turn your "someday"into "today"...

The lights of approval are never all going to be green,

neither are the green lights of all the right circumstances,

nor the green lights of perfect preparation.  

There are indeed seasons of growing and waiting and preparing,

and then there comes a time to look at the current edge lying before you,

examine the reasons you hesitate or refuse to cross.  

What if one day you decided to take a step,

even though you were scared,

even though you might fall, or wobble a bit?  

What if you never did take that step?  

Which outcome do you fear the most?  

Which outcome do you most hope for in your life? 

These are questions worth asking.  

Worth turning a few pages into your journal and answering,

even if your handwriting and your answers are messy.

This class contains video messages,

journaling prompts,

creative projects with step-by-step instructions

designed to guide you on a journey of finding your courage

and taking steps forward.

One Day is regularly $55 to enroll, but currently is offered at a special price of $29 per person.

Upon enrollment, you will receive an email with the access password

to all video content for the class "One Day".


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