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Lesson 7

One day she decided to live the legacy she wanted to leave.


If I want to leave a legacy of courage,

I have to live the things I believe in wholeheartedly

even if they scare the pants off me.

I also can release the legacy.

I do not have to control it.

I cannot control the choices that other people make,

the thoughts they think,

the beliefs they carry,

or the response of those I love

to my words and actions.

I have the responsibility for how I live.

That living does plant seeds of legacy

that I may or may not see grow to maturity.

I do however, want to know,

that I did my best to live


and that my loved ones

know who I am, what I believe,

and how deeply I love them.

I want to be seen by them

and I want them to know that I have taken care

to really see them

and know who they are and support

the following of their own calling.

It take time.

It takes intention.

It takes courage.






Kissed by Kin

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