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Lesson 4

One day she let go of the fear of what people would say.

"If you live for people's


you will die from their


~ LeCrae~


Facing the critics and mockers

Bundle up or put on your walking shoes.  

It's time to take a hike and gather some sticks and stones.

 You are about to come along with me on a little walk into

White Owl Creek with the Shaw Ranch dogs and me.


We are going to tackle a fear that holds many of us captive:

what other people think and say.

It took me a long time to realize

that this fear is rooted in pride and a touch of arrogance

masked as humility.


We all make mistakes.

We all have chances to do brave courageous things,

that require risk and exposure.

We cannot control what others

think or say.

So, here's to getting along with our lives,

being truly humble


doing it anyway.

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