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Consider Birds

*Lesson Seven*

Feathers & Miracles

Because You have been my help,

Therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.

Psalm 63:7

Under His Wings


 Sharing Our Stories

Keeping Your Eyes Open

Keep your eyes and heart and mind wide open because you never know when the miracle of an answered prayer might show up.

These videos are my excitement of an answered prayer surprising me with joy.


Clay Introduction

Making Clay Pieces Part 1

Making Clay Pieces Part 2

Making Clay Pieces Part 3

Making Clay Pieces Part 4

Journal Cover Art

Add Clay To Collage:

Take the techniques used in the videos above

and add your clay pieces to canvas or wood 

for an art piece with a natural feel.

Use tacks, wire, or twine to attach your clay to your piece.

Use thick decoupage or E6000 glue to adhere stones, sticks, or found objects.

You can also use those adhesives for your clay.

If you don't have found feathers, you can purchase feathers at a craft store and follow the package instructions to trim and shape them.

Have fun!

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