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Consider Birds

*Lesson Six*


Heart & Home

In Ephesians 3:17, Paul prays that "Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith".

Dwell:  settling in at home.

Home is a sacred space.  It is where we grow our families so that they may take flight into their intended, purposeful lives.  So often, home is taken for granted, it gets messy, there is strife, it gets shabby.  However, by our attitudes and actions, we have the choice to make home a sanctuary, a safe house, for rest, acceptance, love, correction, growth, renewal, nourishment.

Nests are a symbol to me of the sacred space for growing wings.

And a home, well, home is a dwelling place.  

The beautiful thing? God chooses to make our hearts His home.  What an honor.  

Home.  Heart.  

Sacred space.

A Sacred Nest for Growing Wings


The Essence of Home Lives Within Our Hearts

The First Time by MercyMe

Better Is One Day {Psalm 84}

Free Bird and Nest Images here:  The Graphics Fairy

Eggs and Nest

Black & White

Bird Illustrations

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Sacred Nest Project:  Part One

Sacred Nest Project:  Part Two

Sacred Nest Project:  Part Three

Sacred Nest Project:  Part Four

Sacred Nest Project:  Part Five

As class has progressed, I have watched a robin build her nest, sit on the eggs, feed babies. 

This week as I created this lesson about the sacred space of a nest...of a home...for growing wings,

these little robin chicks in the photo above took flight.

Divine timing for our hearts!

Wire Bird Wings

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