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Beautiful Things

Week One

Welcome to My Ordinary Gravel Road

Filling  Your ToolBox

The Littles That Really Are Big

Wild Roses Welcome Summer

Discovering Unexpected Wildflowers

Beginning A Beautiful Things

Field Journal

For my field journal,

I took one page from my

watercolor paper tablet,

folded it in half the long way,

and tore the paper in two.

To make the accordian fold,

I folded each new piece in half and then half again, so that each piece of paper has four sections.

Then I connected to two strips of paper with washi tape.

Now there are eight sections to the journal.

I used a hole punch in the middle of the end section and tied a long strip of lace that I could wrap around the papers at least three times.

The journal will grow in thickness as you add to it.

Beautiful Things


Laura Ingalls

Wilder Quotes

State Flowers


Hymn Page


The Flower


Printable Collage Sheets

Click on each PDF box for a page to print and use in your field journal.

Naming The Flowers

Fresh Beginnings Each Day

Adding Background Papers

Words and Pictures For Journal

Finishing Touches on Pages

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