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I can't wait to share it with you!

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Hi there, it's Jodi

Through creating with the discarded, weathered and worn, the forgotten and often overlooked, I make the common into uncommon. I give new life to lost things. I pull back the dusty veil of
mundane routine to reveal the abundance of the beautiful, fascinating, and sacred that exists in everyday life when we willingly and expectantly have eyes to see it. I strive to restore wonder
and childlike fascination, to inspire daily practices of treasure hunting so hearts may be filled with gratitude and abundant life that spills out of lives with thoughts, words, and actions. Found prairie treasures inspire my artwork and classes. Examples of my finds include: Nests and eggs. Baby foxes. Feathers. Heart-shaped stones. Woodpecker holes in dead trees. Patterns in aged wood and rainbow arching stones. Beloved birds. Snowy owls. Cocoons.
Swarms of yellow butterflies drinking from mud puddles. Snowflakes and frost patterns. Vibrant leaf veins of fuchsia on yellow leaves. Sunrises and sunsets.

What makes these common things a treasure? The noticing. The savoring. The enjoying. The pause. The gratitude. The perspective. And perhaps in taking that time, a prayer is answered as well.

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Love Notes From the Gravel Road

About Jodi
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Creative Goodness for Your Heart

My personal artwork includes ornaments, mobiles, art on weathered wood, canvas, or stones. My gathered objects such as fallen tree branches and heart shaped or unique stones find their way into my work. I gather from the gravel road, pastures, and tree groves of our prairie ranch and press my gatherings such as wildflowers, feathers, leaves, pine cones, or grasses into clay to create molds. From these molds, I make and hand paint clay relief pieces that hang either as small ornaments or become part of a collected gathering on rustic wood for a wall hanging. Words weave into my work as well. Bringing all of these elements together, my work leads to peace of mind, evokes rest and trust in our Creator, and establishes gratitude for everyday life.

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