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First, consider supplies you already have on hand.

Often you may have art supplies that will work for a project even if it is not exactly the same as what I use.

Supplies in Video:
* Sculpey Clay (white) 2-3 lbs.
* Raw Umber Acrylic Paint either Artist's Loft Academic Level for a good value or Liquitex Heavy Bodied Paint for a bit more investment (other colors in your preferred shades)
* Alphabet Stamps (1 or 2 sets)
* Canvas or Wood Panels/Boards
* Kids' Watercolor Paints
In addition to those mentioned in the video, I also use the following items:
* Mod Podge matte finish
* Ink from Ranger: Distress Ink pads, Archival Ink and Distress Stains
* Sponge/Foam Brushes 1 inch
* Artist's Loft paint brushes. I usually get a multipack variety of brushes for $7-10
* Cold Press Watercolor Paper Tablet
* Mechanical Pencils
* Sharpie Markers fine tip black and multi-colors for drawing
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