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Mixed Media Collage Art by Jodene Shaw

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Click on the left and right arrows on the photos below to see all of the pictures in this slide show!

Inspirational & Prairie Art

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Scroll through these photos to the left by clicking on the arrow that appears on the sides and get a taste of the vibrant color and truth for your heart.


My art is inspired by faith and scripture, heritage and history, depth of meaning, nature and rural living.  Layers of vintage papers, old book pages, dictionary definitions, acrylic paints and inks, patterns and textures give rich backgrounds to each handmade piece.  Each one will be unique and have a message for your spirit.  Photos featured are taken by me.  Each piece is on wood or canvas.

Custom Orders


Few things compare to the fulfillment I have when I can create a piece for someone to honor someone or something treasured in their life.  To be trusted with a commissioned project is humbling and my privilege.


Even if I've never done it, bring me your idea and I will see if it is something I can do or try.  


Here is a sample of the work I have been asked to do. Scroll through the photos on the left.


If I make something and it doesn't bring you to tears, then I feel like I didn't quite do the job.



Nature Photographs


Gratitude comes to me through the lens of my camera.  Focus and light helps me see the beauty of the land which also applies to life.  


My nature photographs can be purchased at my Etsy shop also.


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