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Meet my daughter, Erin Shaw.

Erin has grown up creating art right alongside me.

As soon as she could grasp a crayon or a paint brush,

she began making.

She is a true maker and it excites me to watch her journey.

Her goal is to create sculpture art via welding.

At this time though, she makes lots with paper and duct tape

honing her sculpting skills through these practice mediums.

In 2015, Erin brought her debut canvas pieces,

which were a mother-daughter collaboration featuring her sketches

along with inspiring words and finishing touches added by Mom,

to Main Street Square in Rapid City, South Dakota,

and sold every piece before the event officially began.

In the summer of 2016, she sold out her collection within one week.

This summer of 2019, she is working toward her goal of earning trip expenses

to travel with World Classrooms Meade County Middle School Group

to Washington D.C. and New York City at the end of her 7th grade year in 2020.

She is especially excited to visit the Statue of Liberty,

find her great-grandpa Tommy Hasart's family brick at Ellis Island, 

and attend a Broadway Show!

For fundraising,

Erin is featuring her ladybug collection of items made from her drawings

suggested by her Papa Phil.

_DSC4185 (3)_edited.jpg

She left beauty wherever she went. $20

14 x 15 inch tote bag


Enjoy the Little Things. $20

14 x 15 inch tote bag


Lady Bug Note Cards

Set of 6 blank cards

& envelopes

3 of each design


I just love this girl. ♡ The sunshine pe

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A couple of canvas painters at my house
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