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Events & Workshops | 2016

My classes are designed for beginners with step by step instruction but allow the freedom and use of supplies for those who want to use more advanced techniques.  With all of my experiences it is never just about the art.  There is always a message for your heart. 


One Day is all about writing a new story for your life

instead of letting the old stories you have told yourself reign.

One Day leads you on a journey

with the tools of crafting, simple art, journaling, outdoor walking, and taking pictures to find your faith and courage to step forward into your life with authenticity and wholeheartedness.


Featuring videos with 8 lessons developed through creative projects.


Complete at your own pace.

Class is recorded.

Unlimited time to access class materials.


Registration: $55




Classroom is Open. Enroll now.

"One Day"

An Online Class Discovering Courage 


Watch my message about class here:

Building Blocks

Learn mixed media basics and build some chunky blocks.

Note To Self ~ This Matters

What are your words to live by?

Roots & Wings

Honor your heritage.  Live your legacy.  Create a journal.

Sunshine On My Shoulders

An afternoon to share with a young one...

Moments That Matter

Remember and honor your values by decorating a wooden box with paper, paint, meaningful words and artsy fun to create a space to quickly jot down moments to remember


Create a journal and collage acknowledging the up's and down's through life


Host your own class. You line up your guests and the location. I will come with supplies and my help for 2-3 hours. 

No set agenda.  Just freestyle creating!

*Ask me about specialty events like retreats and large groups.  Email inquiries to



*Prices vary depending on details including but not limited to location, travel, class material and supplies, food, length of class, and number of attendees.


Make canvases with a young one to record what you love about each other

Heart Land

Honor small town, rural, country lifestyle with your own photograph in a collage on canvas enhanced with hand stamped clay.

Consider Birds

Trading Anxiety for Peace of Mind
  Inspired by Matthew 6:25-34
4 week self-paced online class taught by Jodene Shaw
Class is Open Now. All videos & projects are recorded & ready for you to begin.


A Message To You About Consider Birds 

Jesus tells us to look to the birds of the air.

As a little girl, fond memories were built with my Grandma Marj as she taught me fascination for birds,

their names, their habits, their sounds, how to feed them.

Birds were treated with reverence.  That has never left my soul.

In this 4 week, self-paced online journey,

I will share lessons I have personally learned

by observing birds and seeking biblical and physical help to ease my anxieties.

Birds give us lessons about living freely, lightly, worry-free.

I want that kind of living. I want to share it with you.

Mixed media collage projects, start your bird life list,

create a gratitude/bird journal, bird feeders and houses,

learn a biblical way to trade anxiety for peace of mind.

*Everybody is a beginner here!*

Sneek peaks at projects and a supply list available here: Suggested Supplies

Unlimited time access to class material. (No deadline for completion. Take your time.)

Classroom is OPEN. All Videos are recorded and ready.

Registration $55


Consider Birds Supply Video
Click Here for written list
My prayer for Consider Birds
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