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Consider Birds

Trading Anxiety for Peace of Mind
  Inspired by Matthew 6:25-34
4 week self-paced online workshop taught by Jodene Shaw
Consider Birds complete workshop, self-paced is now available $55 


Jesus tells us to look to the birds of the air.

As a little girl, fond memories were built with my Grandma Marj as she taught me fascination for birds,

their names, their habits, their sounds, how to feed them.

Birds were treated with reverence.  That has never left my soul.

In this 4 week, self-paced online journey,

I will share lessons I have personally learned

by observing birds and seeking biblical and physical help to ease my anxieties.

Birds give us lessons about living freely, lightly, worry-free.

I want that kind of living. I want to share it with you.

Mixed media collage projects, start your bird life list,

create a gratitude/bird journal, bird feeders and houses,

learn a biblical way to trade anxiety for peace of mind.

*Everybody is a beginner here!*

Watch my sneak peek introduction here: FEED THE BIRDS

Unlimited time access to class material. (No deadline for completion. Take your time.)

All Videos are recorded and all content is available upon registration.

You will receive a private message with your password to access course content.

A Message To You About Consider Birds 
My prayer for Consider Birds
Consider Birds Supply Video
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