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Bouquet of Peace Projects


In this session, I share a couple ideas for making unique flower pieces inspired by Pablo Picasso's Bouquet of Peace.

I also share from the heart about the importance of valuing your own art and valuing children's art

as well as

seeing the importance of the

creative process.

Practice is a vital part of developing any skill or hobby. The more you do it, the more skilled you become, the more skilled you become, the more you have fun and get courageous about trying something new.

There are many wonderful life lessons found in the process of art-making.


Beaded Bouquet of Peace

The following are videos of creating a bouquet on a background of black gesso on wood and with beads and buttons.

Supplies include:

*sanded rustic wood block about 5 x 7 inches

*Liquitex black gesso

*Mod Podge matte

*tissue paper

*White Gel pen

*Artist's Loft and Liquitex student grade acrylic paint in Titanium White, Sap Green, Green Yellow and a mixture of Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre, Parchment and Portrait Pink for the painted hands

*Buttons and Seed Beads

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