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About Jodene

I see glimpses of God in nature, in little things, in small moments with people.  I see glimpses of His ways and His character and His loving intentions toward me, toward us.

Then I use artistic tools like collage, art-making, photography, and writing to share and to teach these things that I “see”.  What I “see” and “teach” are foundational concepts to build a good life upon…an abundant life with fullness of things like joy, grace, and love.  These tools are ways to teach, but also are ways of seeing…ways of opening the eyes of the heart.  For example, going for a walk outdoors with a camera and looking for beauty to photograph is like a doorway into the presence of God which is a place of fullness of joy, of healing, of peace of mind, of gaining strength, courage, and confidence. I often do this when I am stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, and it settles my spirit.

The making and selling of art and art classes may be my business, but my calling is the sharing of tools that help people discover the treasure who they are, discover the wonders of God, and discover firm foundations to build a life upon. Broad concepts such as gratitude, wholeheartedness, grace, becoming and growing, trusting in God, authenticity—being yourself, and trading anxiety for peace of mind become something tangible. They become things that can be seen and held, even if in the mind’s eye, through these tools.  I do this through creating curriculum for classes that incorporate creativity (making things), photography (seeing things), words (writing and reading), walking in nature, and faith/God’s word.  I invite people not only to see and hear what I have to share but also to immerse themselves into the process so they make discoveries for themselves, not simply because I taught it.

More About my White Owl Wings story . . .

White Owl, South Dakota.  About 2008, my heart began to stir.  Something calling to me to pay attention and to begin to walk in a new direction.  I listened and took my first steps of writing, making collage art on wood and sharing the journey through photographs. Four statements resonated with me:  believe truth, be real, be who you are, and don't blink.  Each one gives its own little message and all of my art and classes weave in at least one of these statements.


​As a child, my grandmother taught me the names of all the song birds that would visit her bird feeder.  This precious time planted a seed in my life that has grown as I discovered my own wings and embraced my interests and passions.


As an adult, my husband and I are growing the wings of three kids on a family cattle ranch that has been in his family for over 100 years.  Some people call it the middle of nowhere, but I call it the center of my life.


Read and see photos of the blessing that continues to inspire White Owl Wings:  My Snowy Owl Story.

Believe Truth

 What I believe is how I live, so I might as well believe the truth.  I have learned that I can believe a lie, and even though it is not true, it still effects how I live my life.  If I believe that I will never change, I will not even try.  But if I believe that I have choices to take new actions, I will take a step in a new direction. I am so glad that there is an infinitely bigger, perfect, sacred truth beyond myself. Jesus said, "I am the Way, The Truth, and the Life..."  That is where my belief is rooted about God, about life, about my own identity.    Taking the hand of Jesus always leads me to truth.  Much healing and wholeness can come to our life right here. 
Be Real
To be authentic without being negative or oversharing can be a challenge.  But I have found this to be true:  when I am trying to create a false and impossible image of myself for others to admire or applaud, part of me dies.  I try to stay away from trying to "prove" myself.  Life is messy and imperfect, but still can be great.  I love this quote from The Velveteen Rabbit, "when you are Real, shabbiness doesn't matter."  I love a little shabbiness on a person!
Be Who You Are
We are made differently.  I believe that is intended.  Our uniqueness is because we need each other.  It is how we work together as the Body of Christ. Different is good, so let's not compare. Let's embrace and acknowledge the one-of-kind person we are and encourage and honor it in others.  Ephesians 2:10 says you are God's masterpiece created for good works that are to be your way of life. 
Don't Blink
Fall in love again with someone and something about your here and now.  Seek out and savor the beauty of your life.  This is all about gratitude for the little things. Write them down.  Take a picture.  Stop and enjoy the moment because this moment matters.  Take a listen to Kenny Chesney sing about it here:  Don't Blink.
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